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How to find your own style

Are you searching for your style? What about the interior style Industrial? Often mentioned as a masculine style, but in lofts and apartments this style fits very well. In this blog we only speak about the industrial style, but you can mix it very well with other styles like retro or bohemian. 

Brick walls, concrete floors, steel, and furniture with visible screws, authentic details like beams, and dark colors. The start for an industrial interior. 

Inspiration Industrial Style

You can find Inspiration in the already mentioned old factory buildings, schools, churches. an industrial house usually has a lot of space, not only square meters but also lofty ceilings and original elements. (Pipes, screws, concrete, or brick walls).

industrial building

Have a look at the Pinterest Woonlookbook mood boards in this style. You will find living room, bathroombedroom, kitchenhall,  inspiration. 

Key words

Rough, cool, sober 


Mix round and rectangular. And use furniture with volume. In a large room, small sofas disappear. Modular furniture is ideal because then you can arrange the space differently every time. E.g., as a studio, a party space or as a film theater. 


Moodboard materials interior style industrial

Wood, walls with original plaster or brick (no wallpaper but the real thing), steel in essential elements like doors, stairs or lighting, concrete of cast floors, tiles, visible ornaments like beams and screws. Metals.  

The textiles must be strong, so Canvas is a great option, strong and sturdy. Also think of coarsely woven fabrics. Look in a military dump to find canvas from tents. And what about leather (vegan) leather? Strong and lasts a lifetime. 


Color palette industrial

Windows are surrounded by dark colored frames and there are no curtains. So, there should be enough light to be able to use darker colors on the walls. Grey and brown are great colors in an industrial interior. In this scheme I used Mole’s breath from Farrow & Ball because it is a warm grey. To give it a fresh look use bright white as counterpart to the darker colors.  

Due to the dark colors and unfinished materials, there is a chance that you feel you are living in a man cave. To balance out the assorted colors, use warm materials like velvet textiles for your dining chairs, or rounder and glossier accessories. 


Ikea industrial kitchen

You can search on the term industrial, but it also works well to search on the materials. (Steel, canvas, brick) Diesel has already a classic industrial chair, the cloud chair. But you can find incredibly good products at Ikea, and because you need a lot in a loft with lots of space, you can use a cheaper brand.  Crate and Barrel, Finnish Design Shop.


  • Use art to make it a space of your own. And same as with the furniture, use a LARGE poster. An alternative can be a rug, to avoid echoes. 
  • Arrange the loft and give functions a place. Where do you want to cook, sleep, eat, watch tv or work. 
  • Note the light and fixed elements such as pillars. A chill room needs intimacy, so a suspended ceiling can create that intimacy.  

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Your interior design style is the style you are happy to live with. More about the basics here
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