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How to find your style

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Are you searching for your style? A problem for a lot op people. If you are walking in France you like the Provence style, in New York an urban style and in Mexico a colorful style. Together chaos!

But how do you find your own styIe, of course making a mood board can help you. In the blogs about different interior styles we will give you more information about the characteristics of a style.

Interior style Basic

Imagine the feeling that you are entering your house and you feel a warm atmosphere, calm, tidy and organized.

If you are attracted by this description the Interior Style BASIC could well be your style! To be honest, this is my style too. For me its Basic with a Scandinavian touch. I love a balanced room, feeling of space around me but not minimalistic.

If you want to get an idea of this style have a look at the moodboards I created at pinterest in this basic style. I always try to organize all those beautiful pictures so you will find not only a “basic living room” pinterest board, but also other areas like bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and hall way.

Having a basic interior does not mean a small condo, cheap furniture and little to no style. No a basic interior means a timeless, simple style. Functional and beautiful. The necessary basics made of high quality materials in a neutral color palette. Clean lines, carefully curated accessories, no knick knacks just a single item you love. Art, souvenirs and photo’s are the icing on the cake and will add a personal touch.

Characteristics Basic Style

  • Nature,
  • luxurious hotel rooms,
  • Restaurants,
  • the house itself,
  • your environment

Places like Como 10 in Milan or the Audo described as “a hybrid space in Copenhagen facilitating and celebrating human interaction, connection and artistic expression”

How to find your interior style, Basic Style Bedroom
credits: Norm architects. The Audo

Warm, simple, less is more, functional, natural,  elegant, balance, modest, comfortable.

  • Round or square, oval or rectangle. All shapes are possible, but think of clear lines and ensure balance. Combinations are doing well, like a sofa with round forms and a square rug.
  • With custom-made furniture you can make optimal use of the space and thus achieve the desired clear lines.
  • sober, flowing.
  • Honest materials such as refined wood, natural stone, marmoleum, wool, cotton, linen, glass.
  • Accents: plants, silver, leather, porcelain.
How to find your interior style
Cushions B&B Italia

The basics are the neutrals, white, cream, grey, beiges, sand, taupe and a touch of brown or black. The tones are sober and only in the accents more outspoken colors are used.


Flexform, Poliform, Living Divani, Flos, Design on Stock, Christian Liaigre, Lulu and Georgia,

CB2, West Elm, la Redoute, Ikea.


Remy Meijers, Piet Boon, Piero Lissoni, Antonio Citterio, Vincent van Duysen, Nate Berkus,

How to find your interior style
Remy Meijers book Simply Elegant
  • Are you afraid that your basic interior is boring after some time? You don’t have to worry about it! You can transform a basic interior every season with the colors of the season because of the neutral palette. This palette can be mixed easily.
autumn bouquet
autumn bouquet, orange sets the color tone
  • Edit your style to just the essentials.

“take everything out of the room and only put back what you really like” Jan de Bouvrie

  • Customization can help create a calm environment by bringing together different functions in one piece of furniture;
  • Details make the difference, like beautiful doorhandles and switch ranges;
  • the basic style is suitable in all categories of houses; in a new-build home as well as in a historic estate because this style adapts to the environment;
  • The luxury brands I mention are great and a source of inspiration but off course, if this is out of reach, you can use lower priced brands or make a combination of the two.

Enjoy your BASIC interior!

Other interior styles:

Your interior design style is the style you are happy to live with. More about the basics here

credits image on top of post:  Bolia,  

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