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Looking for a summer style at home  

Are you looking for a summer style at home? What about the interior style Beach house – coastal? Just for the summer or maybe if you live close to the beach it is a theme for all year round. I know a lot of you like this style even in an urban setting in an apartment on the higher floors, just do it! But add something that fits your environment and then you really have a personal interior. Feel at home, walk like there is sand beneath your feet, just picture yourself in a relaxed coastal room and unwind in your own summer home.  

Whitewashed wood, rattan, linen, simple lines, Nautical elements, and colors related to the beach create that coastal feeling. 

Continue this blog in which we explain the elements you can use by transforming your home. 


Beaches all over the world are the inspiration for this style, like Cape Cod, The Hamptons, Brittany, Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza, California or the Dutch coast. Each region with its own elements. In Ibiza it is a more bohemian style, Brittany with its navy stripes and the Hamptons more classic with space and lots of neutrals.  

Have a look at the Pinterest woonlookbook mood boards in this style. You will find living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, hall, and outside or garden inspiration.

Do you want to make your own mood board, have a look at how to make an interior design mood board in this blog

Key words

Relaxed, natural, easy to maintain, simple, sober, warm, calm.


Clean lines, mix round and rectangular forms and mix versatile finishes with imperfections. 


material mood board for interior style beach house coastal
Mood board Materials interior style  Beach house

Natural materials, chalk or plastered walls, shiplap, rattan, jute, cane, light wood like birch or whitewashed oak, wicker, cotton and of course linen. Striped textile is my favorite to add a maritime element.

striped! not only in my interior. Beach style in Province Town, Cape Cod

But if you prefer a more Ibiza style, a mix of patterns can create that eclectic feeling.

Scaffolding was of course long time a preferred material. I am not a huge fan but for a rough, coastal home on a rocky shore it could be an option. 

It must be easy to sweep the sand off the floors, so a timber, concrete or tiled floor is preferred. A cheaper option can be Marmoleum or Linoleum. Tiles can be ceramic or made of natural stone. For a chicer beach house travertine or slate immediately create a luxurious feeling.

Furniture whitewashed or light wood, or paint existing furniture in a color of your beach house color palette.

interior style beach house - coastal
cabinet painted in grey (Farrow&Ball – worsted 284)

Furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor use and washable covers really make your life a lot easier. For upholstery think canvas, cotton, linen.  

Walls are white, or another noticeably light natural color. Some brickwork or shiplap adds personality and interest.  

For decoration, glass, straw, rattan, clay (have a look at a local market).  


Blue, white, naturals, what makes you think of the beach can be a color that belongs in your palette. Like blue for water and air, beige for sand, and white for a feeling of clarity. A neutral base (white, sand, light grey) is great as a background for touches of your favorite colors. If you want to add orange or red think about the sails of boats or surfboards or use yellow for the sun. to keep it bright, let white dominate.  

Farrow & Ball The California Collection with “a palette of eight new sun-soaked paint colours created in partnership with internationally recognised designer Kelly Wearstler. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the misty shores, palm-lined streets and desert highways of California with these effortlessly versatile shades, each one crafted from high quality ingredients in our 100% water based range of finishes.”


Ralph Lauren, Scapa home, Lexington, Vincent Sheppard, Unopiu, Fermob, Royal Doulton, Crate&Barrel coastal home, Target, and Ikea , Cailini Coastal, Lulu and Georgia.


  • Lots of inspiration in different coastal styles in Coté Quest and Coté Sud
  • Art: if you have a beautiful coastal view that will be all you need. If you live in an urban area, use paintings or pictures of the sea. For abstract art, the colors and textures add the coastal feeling. And try to find art from a local artist, to add personality. 
  • The movie “something’s gotta give” brings you a more classical Hamptons beach house and the clothes of Diane Keaton are the perfect color palette to it. 

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Does it feel already as if you are walking bare foot in the sand, listening to the calming sound of the sea? Enjoy your interior style beach house – coastal!

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Your interior design style is the style you are happy to live with. More about the basics here



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