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How to find your own style

Are you searching for your style? What about the interior style classic-contemporary? Maybe you live in a traditional house and want to keep the charm but adapt it to the needs of the times. Maybe you live in a modern house, but you want to bring classic luxury into your life. And what about antiques or a typical formal style, how can you interpret that? This article wants to give you some inspiration and characteristics of the classic contemporary style so you can use this style in your home.  

authentic materials, a timeless look, furniture made with an eye for detail and craftmanship, rich textures, classical colors  

Read on because you want to know which elements you can use by transforming your home. 

Inspiration Classic Style

Classic buildings, even cities can inspire you. Walking under the arches of Place Vendome in Paris, you suddenly know that you want a classic interior. Elegant and glamourous.  

Have a look at the Pinterest woonlookbook mood boards in this style. You will find living room bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, hall, and office inspiration all with the classic but contemporary touch.  

Characteristics Classic – Contemporary Style


Chic, luxury, allure, tasteful, timeless, and warm. I did not mention traditional in these first sentences, but of course tradition is the base of a classic interior design. But we want to make it contemporary by combining traditional with modern and in that way we are creating a new form of classic design.   


Graceful, elegant, opulent. For instance, a cabinet on high legs. Refined upholstery and customized furniture. 

interior style classic-contemporary
Moodboard Materials interior style classic-contemporary

Refined high end materials are used with beautiful detailing.

A dark wooden herringbone floor forms a powerful base. Inlay borders are a chic addition. Marble, travertine, or other natural stone gives a rich feeling. 

Furniture in dark wood like walnut or mahogany. 

For upholstery think leather, velvet, silk, wool, and other high-end textiles. A bit of gloss, like in chintz, gives a luxurious accent, and let the glitter come back in the decoration by using gold, copper, or bronze for vases, candles, and lights. 

If English oriented, an ancient Tartan wallpaper immediately sets the right tone. If you want to keep the walls lighter, you can also use a Tartan rug. But a classic-contemporary interior does not have to be English or Scottish oriented, what about a French chateau style. Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt is an expert in making a contemporary style by using antique furniture, “objets d’art” from all eras and cultures, resulting in timeless interiors with a classic touch. Here you can use a “toile de jouy” or jacquard fabric. And if you use blue porcelain and chinois wallpaper then you dwell in Asian spheres. 

For decoration, as mentioned before, gold, brass, bronze. Vases of French Murano glass, even a glass chandelier, mirrors, and Art (still life painting or a bronze statue!).  

interior style classic-contemporary
color palette interior style classic-contemporary

Dark warm saturated colors. Choose a strong tone for your walls or the furniture. A velvet sofa in dark blue, dark green or warm burgundy can be a focal point. Use different textures to avoid the room looking too smooth. 


De Padova, Armani Casa, Rubelli, Giorgetti,,  Stevens&Graham, Mulberry home, Élitis.  


You do not always need the most high-priced elements in your house to create a classic contemporary style. Sofa FRÖSLÖV from Ikea is a good example. In other words, beautiful classic style is achievable if you make a combination with for instance a high-end wallpaper. Subsequently the financial balance will be acceptable. 

Antique, you can find on Flea markets, E-bay or start at the attic. You never know what you will find. 

If you live in a modern house, you can use molding on the walls to obtain that classic sense. 

Simple decoration: Put a collection of crystal glasses with a carafe on a tray. Use a collection of photo frames with family portraits. Use an old table but with a luxe fabric coupon over it. 

In the classic-contemporary style, heritage and history combine with the possibilities of the present. Is this your style? Start making your own mood board to achieve your personal classic-contemporary style, above all: make it your own. If it is not your style have a look at the other blogs:

Enjoy your classic-contemporary interior!

Your interior design style is the style you are happy to live with. More about the basics here
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