60+ and excited about this new chapter! Inspired by interiors, design, travel and other lifestyle components? This blog wants to celebrate it with you.
Hi, I am Leny, 60+ and I am about to discover new talents after 25 years in Sales and Marketing in the Broadcast Industry. I am inspired by interiors, design and travelling and I would like to share this with you. I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 4 and, by the way, I love all shades of green. Welcome to my blog. I will focus on interior, lifestyle and travelling for my generation. Our children left the home, we have more time and sometimes more money available and we still want to experience new things and maybe reinvent ourselves. The word “woon” in woonlookbook relates to live, reside, house. A lookbook is used in fashion and already for a long time in cinematography. Is is a collection of photographs in fashion used to show the new collection for the season, in cinematography the pictures illustrate the different scenes in a movie. I hope to collect for you a “lookbook” that illustrates the categories interior, lifestyle, travel and all shades of green.
about this blog
Leny van Grieken
my motto “always open to new things”

I will share

All shades of green

I love the color green. Not only in the garden but also at home, in art and in my wardrobe. A color that stands for nature and energy, for growth, harmony and safety. Green is known as the most relaxing color. I don’t know exactly when it started but I remember my first jade-green sofa. So happy with it and small things I always like in green. If it is a towel or my fountain pen, the most beautiful for me are always the green ones.


On my Pinterest boards you will find all kind of styles from basic to classic, from industrial to Scandinavian, colorful and even beach house style. I like to organise everything so every style has different boards. Think of: living room, kitchen, bedroom etc. In the blogs it is more about my own house, inspiration, mood boards and trends. How I do things at home, how to decide about colors, materials and sometimes how to make or do things. I am not a good handyman (for a perfectionist) but love to paint or make things.

The picture of the Pod hotel was the inspiration for a make-over at home.

Bathroom POD hotel
picture made in the POD hotel Cape Town SA


Those new experiences (so exciting) of art, music, food, expositions and concerts. It is easy to do the things you always did but how exciting and rewarding it is to discover new areas. What about ABSEILING, we did it a few years ago from the broadcast tower in Hilversum. Music or an exposition sometimes have the same effect.


I live in the Netherlands. I will write about our own country, cities, other countries or regions, I love travelling. Paris is my first love but because one of my children lives in the USA, the US is absolutely the second one. I always try to make a combination of visiting her and discovering another part of the country. If possible I am looking for interior and design related locations, so find shops, galleries or other inspirational destinations (even if it isn’t a hotspot) in this section of the blog.