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How to find your style

How to find your own interior style? In the first blog about style, we described the BASIC style. This time we will have a look at the Nordics and give you more information about the characteristics of the Scandinavian style. 

Simple and functional elegance, natural elements, muted colors, crafts and design are the descriptions that fit the style SCANDINAVIAN. 

It is somewhat generalizing when we talk about “the Scandinavian home” because of course several countries are involved. Therefore, sorry Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland because you each have your own characteristics but, to keep it simple, we have summarized this in one style: the Scandinavian style.

If you want to get an idea of this style have a look at the mood boards, I created at Pinterest in this style. You will find not only a “Scandinavian living room” Pinterest board but other areas as well, like bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and hall.

Inspiration Scandinavian Style

Long cold winters, short summers, lots of sea, lakes, and forests are the inspiration for bright, calming spaces  

Riet, Reeds, air, water

Characteristics Scandinavian Style


Comfortable, minimalistic, design, excellent quality. Neat and tidy but don’t forget coziness. By adding candlelight and warm throws you can create a warm atmosphere. Functional is another part of the style and the pride of designers who created their iconic designs years ago. You still find design from designers like Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Louis Poulsen and Kaj Franck in old and modern houses. 


Clean lines, graphic lines (black in contrast to white walls and floors)simple forms Feeling of space, a sofa on elegant legs (gives a lighter feel), describe it as no nonsens but beautiful. 

How to find your own interior style, Scandinavian materials mood board
Scandinavian materials mood board

Timber, natural local stone like slateleather, cork, wool, cotton, linen, glass. Sustainability is a hot topic in the world but in Scandinavia it has always been a goal not to throw away old things but to fit them into the contemporary interior. 


If it is dark outside, you need lighter colors inside (to prevent depression), so you will find whites and pastels, muted blue-, grey-, green shades and natural earth tones. A monochrome scheme is preferred but with a touch of a darker color (like black) to spice it up. Another way to make a monochrome scheme interesting is by using different textures for items in the same color. 

I am a fan of the paints of Farrow and Ball (no this is not a sponsored post) and they have a “Nordic Edit”  


Hay, Normann CopenhagenIkea, Muuto, Ferm LivingKvadratIIttala, Marimekko, Dinesen, &Tradition.

How to find your own interior style, Muuto soft sofa
Muuto, soft sofa
Affordable solutions for better living” 
I mentioned them before Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Louis Poulsen and Kaj Franck. Other designers of classics Fin Juhl, Børge Mogensen, Poul Henningsen, Hans J. Wegner, Eero Saarinen. A new generation: Anna & Ditlev Sibast, Sami Kallio, Thomas Bentzen, Jacob Gubi Olsen, Andreas Engesvik, Bjarke Ingels Group and nowadays designers from all sort of countries contribute their designs for  Scandinavian brands like Fay Toogood for Hem, Ilse Crawford for Carl Hansen and our own Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat. If you want to know more about the designers take a look at Dezeen. There you can find a lot of information.
How to find your own interior style, The Audo, Jonas Bjerre Poulsen
The Audo, Jonas Bjerre Poulsen
  • Vintage, Scandinavian vintage items are very popular at the moment. Try Catawiki. You can find special Scandinavian Designer Furniture & Object Auctions. Another possibility is to buy an old design icon that is still (or again) produced. (Like the Egg chair) 
  • Good material and functional design are the basics. So, ask yourself every time if you want to buy something: 
    • if you need it,
    • if it works well and for a long time
    • and if you love it.
  • Books,  Nordic Moods by Katrine Martensen-Larsen, she explains how to make a mood board with Scandinavian examples. 

The Scandinavian style seems effortless but has been carefully put together. Is this your style? If so: start making your own mood board and try to fit the Nordics in your personal style. If it is not your style have a look at the other blogs:

Your interior design style is the style you are happy to live with. More about the basics here

Enjoy your SCANDINAVIAN interior!

credits image on top of post: Hay
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