Bemz, upgrade your Ikea sofa cover



Bemz, Upgrade your Ikea sofa cover, my steps:

Remember last year, my Instagram post on making interior choices.

inspiration on the garden table

A heavy rainstorm flooded my living room. The water came from the sink dripping on my oak floor. Not as bad as we have seen in the last few months in Germany, Belgium, Limburg but I could throw away the rug. The washing machine saved the curtains. I changed the hardware of the kitchen cabinets, and now (about 1 and a half years later) the countertop starts to bubble. Very annoying was how my sofa looked, the pure white cotton now looked like a watercolor painting! A few times in the washing machine did not help. But underneath the cover it still looked good…..  

In my home

New Ikea sofa cover 

There are 5 Kivik elements in my room. Four 1 seater elements and 1 footstool. The footstool and one seater had already a linen cover from Bemz. Years ago, I loved a linen sofa but could not afford it. The reason to order new linen covers for the Ikea elements on Bemz. I was still happy with that. 

3 of the Kivik seaters were damaged and though not every sofa deserves to be upholstered, this one was still comfortable, a right fit for my living room and to re-upholster very affordable. 

I replaced the rug. The former beige was now a taupe viscose rug from la Redoute. Based on that color I decided to go for new covers. This time not in linen but from the Bemz Conscious collection a fabric that is made from 100% recycled material. I chose some samples (5 for free) and completed my mood board. The chosen fabric: Brunna Mélange silver grey. 

I ordered the covers and a few weeks later everything arrived. First impressions: beautiful, well made, all I wished.  

new covers

Wall covering 

The only thing that disappointed me, was the color of the wall behind it. The color scheme was not right anymore. It ended up with wallpaper from Eijffinger. In the serie of natural wallcoverings, it was easy to find a taupe, silver wallpaper that matched the color of the sofa and the rug. 

About Bemz 

Swedish company Bemz, based in Stockholm, is built upon the concept of prolonging the life of Ikea furniture. Lesley Paddington founded the company in 2005. 

“We create custom sewn design covers in hundreds of high-end fabrics so that you can update your IKEA sofa, armchairs, chairs and more – to reflect your own personal style. We offer you a way to keep a perfectly good piece of furniture even if the original fabric is damaged or no longer suits your taste”

Bemz has a wide range of fabrics available. Search the test samples by color, fabric and/or price to match your style. Most of the products are in uni colors, sometimes multicolor but no bold patterns. Bemz teamed up with some well-known designers like Tricia Guild, Tom Dixon and more recently Maxwell Ryan (Apartment Therapy). 

Bemz, update your Ikea sofa cover
Photo: Bemz – Seagrass corduroy cover on Ikea Sofa Vimle

Select a sample and you will find information about the fabric. Not only a description of the material but also the Martindale result and care instructions are described. Dedication to sustainability means products are produced with respect to our planet and with little waste. 

The fabrics come with a 3 year warranty. The products are custom made to order with a two-week return policy

Bemz, upgrade your Ikea sofa cover
Photo: Bemz – Ivory Boucle Cover on Ikea Färlöv Sofa

Bonus tips 

  • You can order covers at Ikea for different sofas. Only the Kivik one seater is no longer in the Ikea collection. For Bemz that is no problem.  
  • Selecting the fabric watch The Martindale score. This score shows you the abrasion resistance of fabrics. How higher the score how more durable the fabrics are. 
    • Decorative use: < 10,000  
    • Light domestic use: 10,000-15,000 
    • General domestic use: 15,000-25,000 
    • Heavy domestic use: 25,000-30,000 
    • Commercial use: 30,000> 
  • Other products that are available at Bemz are furniture legs, curtains, cushions. Accessories to complement your make-over. 
  • I use the footstool for the grandchildren’s toys.
  • Want to know more about a interior styles find it here: basic, scandinavian

After using the new covers for about one year I am satisfied with the product. And if my style changes, I know where to go. A good reason to mention Bemz a justified woonlookbook favorite!



Some pictures

original Ikea Kivik sofa, white cotton
Bemz covers arriving (box on an older linen cover)
color of the cover (Brunna Melange Silver Grey) does not match the wall
checking wallcover with cover sofa
new combination
Bemz, upgrade your Ikea sofa cover
placing the covers
New situation


Sofa covers: Bemz  // Rug: la Redoute // Coffee Table: &Tradition // Art: Kunsthuizen  Lamp: Lotek // Vase: Serax // Wall covering: Eijffinger

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