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What to visit

Art, Architecture, an impressive harbor, enough to visit in Antwerp. In this blog the emphasis is on a walk through the center to do some interior shopping in Antwerp, but we start with a few of my favorite other locations: 

Central Station; If you arrive by train, the first introduction to Antwerp is the central station. Built between 1899 and 1905.

The building consists of a steel platform roof and a large station building carved out of natural stone. It is an eclectic style, a combination of medieval and baroque elements.  

“Grote Markt,” on this square in the old town, you will find the City Hall in Renaissance style, guild houses and the fountain with the statue of Silvius Brabo on it. And it is as if the “Onze lieve Vrouwen” Cathedral oversees the square. 

“Groenplaats” here you can find the Cathedral of our Lady and the Rubens House with the collection of Peter Paul Rubens. The museum is temporarily closed for renovation but reopens this (2024) summer. Do not forget to take a walk in the garden with so many beautiful plants. 

The river Schelde, last week, when I walked there, was windy and cold but especially with better weather it is nice to walk along the river. 

We all know (at least I presume we know🤔) that there are some exceptional Belgium designers like Maarten van Severen, Axel Vervoordt, Vincent Duysen, Hans Verstuyft, and Nathalie de Boel with interesting interior design for a worldwide customer base. So, if you are interested, start with an inspiring walk through Antwerp. 

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Interior shopping

1. Zara Home, Leysstraat 2

From the Central Station you can start walking on the Meir. On the corner with the Leysstraat you will find Zara Home. The affordable luxury of Zara Home will be interesting for lots of us. A neutral, contemporary but also warm style will fit a classic as well as a modern interior.

Belgium Designer Vincent van Duysen created a luxurious collection together with Zara. “All products have been aptly designed to stand the test of time and be sympathetic to evolving décor types for years to come. It’s a clear antidote to the one-time-use culture embraced for so long. Instead, the series focuses on pieces that are able to imbue any space typology with a Zen-like sense of calm. The designs are versatile, and they don’t define the style of a given room, but rather complement it, allowing each piece to function within any décor

2. H&M Home, Meir 89/97

If it is Scandinavian, Eclectic or Classic, every collection has items that will fit into your style.

3. Stadsfeestzaal, Meir 78

Do not forget to look up. The location is so beautiful! The shops change quite often but Urban Outfitters, for home and garden products, has been here quite some time. Flying Tiger and Søstrene Grene for really cheap products. The Stadsfeestzaal connects to the Department store Inno with a home and garden section on the 4th floor (at this moment troubled times, the store is for sale).  

4. Flamant, Meir 50

Flamant is a Belgian design brand. They know how to integrate classical and modern. With the use of beautiful, most natural, materials you can “Fall in love with your home again” we also recommend Flamant for the country style. 

5. Dille en Kamille, Wapper 7

Napkins, china, everything for your table but also a bird feeder or basket. Dille & Kamille is a European retail chain that specializes in selling a wide range of household goods, kitchenware, home decor, gardening supplies, and natural food products. They offer a variety of items such as cooking utensils, tableware, linens, candles, plants, herbs, and spices. The store emphasizes sustainability, simplicity, and natural materials in its product offerings.

6. Graanmarkt 13

Fashion, a restaurant and lovely linen bedspreads, alabaster tealights and as they mention themselves “the most unshop-like place you’ll ever shop at.”

7. Scapa Home, Arenbergstraat 12/14

Another Belgian interior brand with a classical, contemporary style. Beautiful neutrals and if you like nautical style, this is the place to be. 

8. Nationale Straat

Towards National Street, the Fashion Museum MoMu is worth a visit for fashion lovers, Copyright for lovers of books about art and architecture and the Renaissance Restaurant on the corner for Italian food.

9. Sissy Boy, Nationale Straat 36

Colorful and full of surprises.  

10. Fést, Steenhouwersvest 16

Fest from Amsterdam is now also located in Antwerp. Here you can really adapt your sofa to your own style and thus create your dream sofa.

Bonus Tips

  • In Belgium the period of the sale is limited. The name sale (“Solden or Soldes”) can only be used twice a year: from January 3 to January 31 and from July 1 to July 31. 
  • Parking, P&R and parkings in the city center, more information here . I prefer the parking under Central Station (lot of space, new), under Schouwburg Meistraat 4 (just behind the Meir and on Saturday a market place). Ouddaan, city center but can be very busy in the weekends.
  • Antwerp is known for its vibrant culinary scene, offering a wide variety of dining options ranging from traditional Belgian cuisine to international flavors. one of my favorite dishes: shrimp croquettes with fried parsley.
  • Flash mob on central station Antwerp (mediocre quality video images)

Enjoy interior shopping in Antwerp

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