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Knokke-Heist is the easternmost seaside town in West Flanders in Belgium. It is close to the Dutch border so very suitable for making a trip from e.g., Zeeland. You might also hear about “Knokke-het Zoute.” Het Zoute is a residential area with beautiful villa’s and one of the most expensive municipalities in Belgium. Mundane Knokke-Heist is not as historic as Bruges but great for the beach and for……. upscale interior shopping! 

What to visit

Of course, the beach, the beautiful Zwin nature reserve, the butterfly garden, the golf course or walk the Instagram route. There is a lot to do in Knokke, but this blog is all about shopping. Shopping for your home because there are a lot of interior design shops within walking distance. 

Attention: Many businesses are now only open for a few days because Winter is outside the tourist season. Of course, this does not apply to the chains, but if you really have a special business in mind, it is good to check the opening hours. 

Interior shopping


The Natiënlaan is the access road to Knokke (many road works – November ’22). Here you can find the shops if you want to build, decorate, or redecorate your entire home. With experts on fireplaces like De Puydt, outside furniture Exterioo and RR Interior (one of the 3 and soon 4 shops of RR in Knokke). But for our walk we will concentrate on the center of Knokke-Heist. 


Knokke, town hall

I park in the parking garage under the town hall Alfred Verweeplein 1, which is at the beginning of the Lippenslaan. Another possibility is Interparking IJzerparkgarage in between the streets I visited. Dumortierlaan 90 A 


Casanier, Lippenslaan 80
Knokke, Casanier

Especially interesting for our 60+ friends: “Go smaller in style”. It is all about downsizing. Casanier stands for compact interior solutions, without compromise. Think smart, space-saving designs and durable solidity. With an exceptional level of finish and maximum ergonomic comfort. 

Cara Mia, Lippenslaan 120

Decoration like Handmade dry-silk bouquets/flowers, Pillows, Lamps, Tealights  

Maison Estelle, Lippenslaan 121 
Serax, Vincent van Duysen, Cena

Everything to set the table with brands such as  Serax, Blomus, Peugeot. 

Jones Gallery, Lippenslaan 128

Attention: the main Jones Gallery is at the Zeedijk-Het Zoute 817-818 in Knokke-Heist. But enjoy the art in the shop window. 

Decoriek, Lippenslaan 216
Decoriek, Lippenslaan 216

“Home and Dog” if you are looking for an original gift, this is the shop to be! 

Flying Tiger, Lippenslaan 242
Flying Tiger, Lippenslaan 242

Danish retail chain with unique accessories, gift items and toys.

Pure Interieur, Lippenslaan 252
Pure interieur, Lippenslaan 252

Trends, style, creativity. Let Pure Interieur help you to design the interior that suits you.

Couleur Locale, Lippenslaan 275
Couleur Locale, Lippenslaan 275, Knokke

“No matter where you live, we’ll bring the world into your home…” is Couleur locales motto. You can find Objects made by ethnic groups who maintain traditions of an early culture, lots of linen and as an example of the style Sisal & sweetgrass woven plates from Rwanda. Have a look at the website first. Beautiful images to inspire you. 

Ed van de Vijver, Lippenslaan 211 en 283
Ed van de Vijver, Lippenslaan 211 en 283
RR Apart, Lippenslaan 353
RR Apart, Lippenslaan 353

Choose from a vibrant mix of up-and-coming Scandinavian brands and established Italian names for your second residence, apartment or real estate project.


JIM20, Dumortierlaan 11

JIM20 Dumortierlaan 11

modern design is complemented with warm decorative elements & lifestyle articles.

Sissy Boy, Dumortierlaan 22/24

The Homeland corner is always full of surprises.

My latest purchase two candles in the style of Athena Calderone for Crate and Barrel.

Alain de Bree, Dumortierlaan 109

Alain du Bree, Dumortierlaan 109

elegance and a contemporary atmosphere are key .

Daniel Ost Flower Designers, Dumortierlaan Nr. 141 
Daniel Ost Knokke

A beautiful gallery full of flowers, plants, vases, candles and much more in this old bank building. 


RR Corner, Kustlaan 66

RR Corner, Knokke

Bonus Tips

  • All interior shoppers can make free use of an electric shuttle service that connects the main shopping streets. April – mid October daily, mid October till April on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • If you enjoy Knokke, you might also like interior shopping in Paris
  • Don’t forget to eat moules or the unsurpassed “garnalenkroket” shrimp croquette (often with fried parsley) 
  • Have a look at the architecture, not only beautiful classic villa’s with white walls and red roofs. De Heldentoren by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, Le coin perdu by Tim van de Velde are the representatives of more adventurous architecture 

Enjoy mundane Knokke-Heist for upscale interior shopping!

This blog may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through these links.

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