Cherry Time


Now is Cherry Time. Ever since my former colleague George drew my attention to “McCherry’s”, I visit the cherry farm, terrace and country store every year.

To scare away the birds, cans are hung in the trees and a rope is pulled in the tower that rattles the cans in the tree closest to the place where the birds are snacking, causing the birds to fly away in terror. I like traditions and visiting De Kersenhut is one of them.  

A week later I was in Zeeland and the family I visited has a private cherry orchard. For me, it was an opportunity to take some extra pictures of cherry trees.  

when is cherry time?

Depending on the region, cherry season is from mid-June to August

De Kersenhut, Groenewoudseweg 18, 3945 BC Cothen 

cans to scare away the birds
cherry time in Zeeland
description of the cherry orchard de Kersenhut
several types of cherries

Another weekend tip to visit in summer Radio Kootwijk.

Enjoy the cherries!

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