Interior styling for summer vibes 


When the Rhododendrons start to bloom in the garden, I also want a spring/summer vibe in the house. That positive feeling of fresh air, light, and a few months of living partially outside. Create this indoors summer feeling by applying some of the following style tips: “Interior styling for summer vibes”

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Open door, but cushions can change the atmosphere in the room in an instant. The great advantage of textiles is that you can buy them in many colors and qualities. Sand, water and sun colors, fresh greens, nautical stripes, or romantic flowers are the colors and patterns to use.  Cotton, linen, or -a more luxurious- silk with that you bring the summer into your home. 


Dinnerware, glassware, vases, all good to use to bring the summer atmosphere into your home. (Often) affordable and easier to store than, for example, furniture. 

Alabaster (or a light-colored marble) looks misty transparent and is therefore extremely suitable for creating a summer feeling. Think of tealights, vases, lamps.  

Ceramics as vacation souvenirs, like French, Portuguese, or English tableware. Not only do you have a reason to look for nice souvenirs when you are on vacation, but you will be reminded of that wonderful time every summer. 

Portuguese ceramics
French ceramics

With a summer theme, like Fish, limes, Nautic, Sea and Sand style.

credit: Serax, design Paola Navone


In winter velvet or woolen rugs will bring a natural warmth to your floor. But in summer it is not necessary to keep our feet warm but rather to keep them cool. Cotton is durable and very suitable if you are allergic. Jute is a natural material and always gives me a beachy feeling. (Be aware of the color sensitivity of jute). And there are indoor/outdoor rugs, woven from recycled PET bottles. These carpets are water resistant. So, if you just watered the plants in the garden, no problem to step with wet feet on your rug. 


As I mentioned before, cushion covers can make a difference, but tablecloths, bedspreads, bedding- and bath linens can have a significant impact on the mood in a space. Think again of linen, cotton, silk, or mixtures. Linen and cotton in one blend can give the summer feeling you are looking for. Use a hammam bath towel as a throw blanket on your bed, buy a nice printed, cotton fabric from the market and use it on your table.  

The finishing touches

  • Table décor: herbs in a basket, lemons in the fruit bowl, a freshly picked bouquet of wildflowers 
  • Through a scent you can experience the summers of sun, sand, and sea. Find lighter, fruitier scents for this time of year. 
  • Candles, nothing is easier than to achieve a different atmosphere with a summery color (and to kill two birds with one stone) what about a scented candle!  
  • and a fresh makeover for your photo frames with a beautiful holiday memory. 

Featured image: taken at H&M Hilversum

Enjoy your interior styling for summer vibes!

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