9 things to do in the garden in March


This week the sun is directly above the equator, so spring begins. The first sunny days really make you want to work in the garden. (Last week we already had a day with 14 degrees Celsius). The sun shining, birds chirping and butterflies in our stomachs for the upcoming spring season. Where do we start? Not everything is possible; you must wait until May to buy annuals. Frost is still possible and a threat for these colorful plants. Luckily we can prepare our garden now for a lovely season so 9 things to do in the garden in March. 

Outdoor tiles and fences 

Sweep your patio or sidewalk regularly. This will remove seedlings and moss before they can settle on your tiles. Start weeding as early as possible. The weeds are then not yet deeply rooted and easy to remove. Between tiles or pavers, a steel joint brush or hook-shaped weed weeder is extremely effective. If it is too late: try hot water or a high-pressure washer. I try to avoid using cleaning products, but if there is no other option, pay attention to the environmental friendliness.  

I prefer to use soft soap for wooden fences. 

Fence, with Clematis and Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Spessart’

Outdoor furniture 

Clean your furniture depending on the material used. Scrub wood with water and soda crystals and do not use the high-pressure washer because this can damage your furniture. For wicker, granite, plastic, and aluminum use a brush and soft soap. For stainless steel, a special protector is needed. If necessary, give wood a new coat of stain. 

Beat up cushions, wash covers, then they will be ready for the first day to sit in the garden. 

Outdoor furniture wood

Pots and Planters 

Brush the soil out of the plant pot. Brush with water with soda crystals or soft soap and your pots and planters are ready for new plants.

9 things to do in the garden in march, pots cleaned and ready to use


Although what occurs naturally is much more accepted in today’s garden than years ago, we still need to do some work. We can enjoy faded plants over a long time because of their looks in a winter garden but now we must clean up, cut away faded stems, and mulch the borders with compost, bark, or cocoa beans. Bark and cocoa beans can create an interesting backdrop for your plants, prevents weeds from growing, and when it decomposes it makes the soil healthier.  


  • Clean and oil your tools first and always prune in frost-free weather.
  • Prune the wisteria. Prune back twigs to about 10-15 centimeters.
  • Prune the roses (not the Rambler rose)
  • Prune hedges
  • cut grasses or if they are still evergreen, remove unsightly foliage
  • Prune Buddleja davidii
  • Prune Hortensia Annabelle

Making plans 

When everything is cleaned up it is easier to see where the open spaces are in the garden for replenishing planting in the summer. Placing a rain barrel or making a compost pile can be a wish and maybe you need new garden tools, I need new leather gardening gloves and a new fence. So much to plan! For great perennial combinations take a look here.


Order seeds, perennials, and summer bulbs. There is now enough choice and this way you avoid disappointments later in the year. 

Flower bulbs in garden centre (pink Tulips and blue Muscari

Bonus Tips 

  • Visit gardens. This can inspire you about how to structure your garden. And you can see what interesting plants or bulbs bloom at this time of year. For bulbs Keukenhof is of course the place to visit, open from March 23 till May 14 2023.
  • Visit sites, buy a new book or buy a magazine to get inspired like Gardeners World
  • Tips about perennials here
  • Tips about bulbs here


And today you can enjoy what is already blooming such as Tulips, Viola odarata, Amelanchier, Clematis etc.

Enjoy the preparations

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