How to set the table in style, some inspiration


Perhaps old -fashioned but I like to set the table.

Maybe it’s my hotel school background, but nice linen, fine dinnerware and flowers of the season are important to me. How to set the table in style is always on my mind. I like to try it out and then ask myself “would I like to join here?” If the answer is yes, the styling is approved. 

Style of course depends on what you love (bohemian, natural, sophisticated). Because my style is quite natural my Woonlookbook images are mostly in a natural style.  

What can be the inspiration for the table?

  • The time of year can be an inspiration. Spring with its pastel colors, in summer accents from the beach like shells, the tones of sand and water, autumn with purple dahlias, pumpkins, leaves in yellow/brown colors and in the winter a more winter palette with muted colors as if the snow is draped like a blanket over the table. 
  • The type of meal can also be a determining factor. Fish in combination with blue feels natural. A high tea, breakfast, or brunch with the colors of lemon curd and jam. And Poké bowl asks for a basic color palette because the food itself has so much color or what about an Asian inspired table! 
  • Holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving are grateful sources of inspiration. And you can buy a lot of accessories related to these holidays. Looking around on a walk can help you find cheaper solutions like branches. 
  • Your mood, one time you want it simple, the other time you like it more over the top or use what you already have but present it differently.  
set the table in naturals (autumn)

What do you need to set a stylish table?

Table linens

Tablecloths, placemats, runners, there are quite a few possibilities. I love to use tablecloths. It is hard to resist new collections at Zara Home or H&M. Sometimes I find beautiful, printed cotton textiles which can be used if the fabric is wide enough for the table. The length of the fabric can then easily be tuned to the length of your table. Make a hem with the sewing machine or by hand and you have a unique tablecloth. The advantage of a tablecloth is also that your table is protected.

natural and green tablecloths

Placemats are ideal for using directly on the table but sometimes also on top of a tablecloth to add an extra layer to the styling. A natural woven rattan placemat is an absolute favorite, so versatile and always adds atmosphere to the table.  

Napkins, how nice if you have the napkins belonging to your tablecloth but a combination of natural colored tablecloth with a different colored napkin can be as beautiful. Paper napkins will Paper napkins are expanding the possibilities to set the table completely in your style. 


White and cream are always easy to combine. For a more personal style think about your favorite color. For a dinner plate I choose a not too busy pattern because it is difficult to present the food well if there is too much going on. Another thing that I find important is whether the dinner ware is available for a long time. Such a shame if you can no longer buy this after breaking a plate. (Brands like Wedgwood, Iittala, Royal Doulton are my favorites).

set the table, Iittala white plate, H&M blue small plate, paper napkin


White wine, red wine, water. Matching glasses are beautiful but not necessarily required. A water glass in blue gives you the feeling that the water is cold. Use a carafe for water with lemon or mint and suddenly a glass of water feels like very festive.

set the table, asian style, blue waterglass at Nijhof, Baarn

Flatware, cutlery

First requirement: A knife that fits well in the hand. After that the look becomes important, silver is chic, wood gives a rural feel and design is particularly for the contemporary table setting.

Flowers and candles

How to set the table in style with decoration. Flowers and candles are the perfect choice to decorate a table setting. As well a bouquet of flowers as candles can be bought in all kinds of colors and with these products you can easily create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Be aware the flowers never obstruct your guest views. You can use 1 centerpiece or different small vessels distributed over the table. 

set the table, high tea, sandwiches and spring flowers

Bonus tips

  • Want a chic dinner? All white tablecloth, white dinnerware, silver cutlery, white flowers, all these elements are beautiful and serene together. 
  • Cheerful, One of My Friends puts M&M’s on the table 
  • Find more products to set the table in the boutique
  • Book about flowers (in dutch) Floral Philosophy by Bloomon

If you use the mentioned tips, guests will think “I would like to join here” and most certainly they will feel at home. Enjoy your dinner 

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