My first helicopter flight


There’s a first time for everything!

Working at KPN I was part of “Team Kuipert” for a few years. A golden team! Still,10 years later, we meet each other every year to review the past and present and discuss the future. Always fun evenings. Last time -dinner at my place-  they brought a present for my KPN-farewell; a helicopter flight above the area where I live.

Friday it looked a bit drizzly but the pilot told that the views were stunning. And he was right, a clear sky and a view as far as Rotterdam. The seating is narrow but you can see everything and with the headphone hear everything. The pilot told a lot about what we could see, like:

  •  the eco-viaducts for the animals in this “green heart” of Holland surrounded by High ways,
  • the water infrastructure making connections between swampy areas,
  • nature management with the help of sheep and cows,
  • the buildings, city’s and villages, Haarzuilens De Haar Castle, Nijenrode University, Naarden Vesting,  of course the TV Tower. (my workplace in recent years and also the tower from which I abseiled). And to top it all off my house, my home.


For this post: no more words but photos!


My flight was by Ryfas Helicopters from Hilversum airport.

Thanks a lot “Team Kuipert” for an amazing experience. And you will understand: next time in New York or any other beautiful city, I have to check if I can practice my new hobby: flying in a helicopter (with a pilot!!).


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