How to renovate your room, Interior Design Tools can help


Do you have the feeling “I want to renovate my room”, but where to start?  

Especially this month, October, when you hear about new colors for the coming year, where you see new collections in the shops, it starts to tickle. But where to start, maybe these Interior design tools can help you to get started so you know: How to renovate your room! 

We often unconsciously use design tools, but if you list them, you get an overview and know which steps to take. 

Define your inspiration and keywords

What inspires you and would you like to see in your home? If it is architecture, a certain movie, or your favorite country, inspiration helps you to set the tone for the renovation. Define keywords, do you want the room to be bold or elegant, timeless, or trendy? More about “how to find your interior design style here

Muuto in situ sofa

Make a Pinterest board

Creating a Pinterest board is an effective step. You can now use your inspiration and keywords by searching for images that reflect your style. How you can create a Pinterest board can be found here.

If you want some examples of my boards have a look here 

Read our style blogs to help you find your style

How to find your interior style
Bolia, Modular sofa Angle, Interior style Basic

Draw a floor plan

Draw a floor plan. How to draw a floor plan by hand. Materials, scale, and layout. With the right starting point you can avoid mistakes buying furniture. Read more about how to draw It yourself here.

Make a Mood board

There is a difference between a mood board and a concept board. A concept board is more abstract and provides a frame for a later, more concrete, version. In the blog “How to make an interior design mood board” I explain more about this last version.  

Mood board Brooklyn living room

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Create a color palette

The atmosphere in a room is partly determined by the color palette. Will it be serene, exuberant, luxurious, or industrial? Many manufacturers already create color palettes. So, when you pick your favorite color, they define the colors that match it. More about colors in general here.  

How to find a color palette for your house
inspiration, magazines, color guide

Search and ask for samples, make a materials overview

You want the materials you choose to support your style. Ask for paint color-, wallpaper-, flooring samples, and add materials you want to add to define your style. Silver or bronze or other hardware colors, flowers or plants, stone, wood etc.

Scandinavian materials mood board
Scandinavian materials

Use augmented reality

I think the paint suppliers were the first to provide apps in which you could see the colors on your own wall. But now Ikea also uses your floor as a starting point for a digital creative solution. You can also use augmented reality at Crate & Barrel. In general just type the name of the product you want to buy in combination with “augmented reality” and you will find what is possible.

Crate and Barrel, a carpet I am interested in, in augmented reality in my room

And finally, the finishing touch: Style the room

Do you (like me) feel the urge to start with styling? Buy a cushion with the idea: I will start renovating the room with it! If it inspires you then you should definitely do so, but otherwise it is more convenient to first go through the previous 8 points and end with styling the room.  And in the next phase you can adapt the styling to the season. Have fun! 

interior styling for summer vibes
My home, cushions in summer style

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