Things to do in the garden in August


After all the rain in July there is time to enjoy yourself and do as little as possible but still there are things to do in the garden in August.  


  • Faded flowers can be cut away, which gives you the chance of a second flowering period. 
  • We had a rainy start of August but otherwise water the garden regularly in warm and dry weather. Especially the greenery planted this year 
  • Support plants where needed 
  • Collect seeds; leave the flowers on the plant until they set seed. Collect the seeds on paper towels or newspapers. After a few days they are dry, and you can put them in a paper bag or in an airtight container  
  • Check with friends if you can swap plants. You make them happy with the plants that are expanding too much in your garden and vice versa 


  • At the end of the month or in September prune hedges one last time, 
  • Prune the wisteria. Prune back twigs to about 10-15 centimeters (about 5.91 in).  


How to layer bulbs in containers
planting bulbs

Order bulbs to plant in September/October. (Read more about how to layer bulbs in containers here)

And time to order new tools


Making plans

  • I try to keep the garden’s floor plan up to date. Now is a suitable time to do it before you cannot see what is growing where, because of the disappearing flowers.
  • Do you want to change your garden radically next year? Now is the time to do a workshop or follow a course. 

Bonus Tips

Enjoy your garden!

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