June 21st Summer!


June 21st, 16.57 Mid European Time starts summer for us. It feels already a few weeks like summer with temperatures between 25- and 30-degrees Celsius. But tomorrow it is officially summer and that includes summer rituals such as:

  • putting together a field bouquet for the garden table,
  • eating a cheese and peas salad or a Waldorf salad, and
  • a new mood board / collage on the toilet door. 

Just read an article about rituals this morning in the newspaper. It is about a book by Casper ter Kuijle with the name “The power of rituals.” (Subtitle Turning everyday activities into soulful practices). The article was published for the first time in 2020 -during Covid- and it made me aware again of the rituals I practice. I have read the book. So that is why the above-mentioned rituals came to life again. Do you have summer rituals? Please let us know in the comments. 

I looked for some summer photos with blue, to get in the mood.

Summer bouquet


Portugal chalk cliffs
Switzerland, Alpine Forget me not
France, Provence bistro set
France, Guérande, half-timbered house
Great Perennial Combinations
Blue Agapanthus and Pink Hydrangea

All pictures taken on different spots (pictures are linked to the relevant area). It is at the same time an overview of memorable places I visited. I think I am going to use these pictures for a collage on the door and will show it to you later on.

  • more about summer vibes in your interior here
  • more about blue perennials here

Enjoy June 21st Summer! (and of course all the other days until September 23)

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