Purple Purpose

Last week I walked on the moor with my grandson. The colors are so beautiful right now. You would almost call it a “purple purpose” because of the colors of the moorlands, the heath. And then a flock of sheep arrived at the sheepfold. It could not be better. So, we had every reason to take lots of pictures. Most of the photos were taken by Lewis, yes, a talent in the making! 

Heath, moorland Tafelberg Blaricum NH

De Tafelberg

We were at the Tafelberg, Blaricum. This Tafelberg hill (yes Table Mountain but nothing to compare with South Africa’s Table Mountain) has a height of 39.2 meters above NAP and is therefore the highest point of the region. It is also named de Kooltjesberg, this name would refer to the coal that was used for the fire that burned as a beacon on the Zuiderzee. 

heath, moorland Tafelberg, Blaricum NH
heath, moorland Tafelberg, Blaricum NH

10 most beautiful heath routes

In the Netherlands we have a lot of beautiful moorlands. Natuurmonumenten inventoried the 10 most beautiful heath routes. A Weekend Tip for the coming weekends because during September the intense purple color disappears. 

heath, moorland Tafelberg, Blaricum NH

Enjoy your “purple purpose” this weekend

Also nice as part of a long-distance walk, for more information about long distance walks look here 

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