Garden spring flowers in containers


Remember my blog “how to layer bulbs in containers” to get a lovely container with spring flowering bulbs, well this is the result. 

I love this time in the garden with the soft colors of bulbs and early spring perennials. The Leucojum (looks like a snowdrop but is taller and flowers later), tulips in white (Tulipa Spring Green) and yellow (Tulipa Honky Tonky) give such a happy spring feeling. I still must put Myosotis (forget me not) in between. But now already it is a daily joy. 

And with better weather and a lower risk of frost, you can start planting and seeding for summer. Time for indoor seeds like Verbena and Centaurea and for me herbs like basil and parsley. (I will let you know more about vegetables in another blog). 

For containers it is important to choose the color palette you like most. I can still use the pelargoniums from last year in pink tones, so I will look for annuals in matching or just contrasting colors. Think busy lizzies (impatiens) available in lots of colors and grows from May till October, lobelia and some green like Sutera Cordata.  

container with Petunia, cultivated in lots of colors
Annuals: An annual plant completes its entire life cycle in just one year. It goes from seed to plant to flower to seed again during that one year. Only the seed survives to start the next generation. The rest of the plant dies.

And bring for hosts of a dinner party, instead of a bouquet, plants for the garden or balcony?  

Container with olive tree and Petunia

And if there is no garden or balcony you can take a tile away in the street and plant a Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea) or a climber like Hydrangea Petiolaris. And I even saw this beautiful Rose around a window in “de Pijp” in Amsterdam.


Keukenhof is of course the place to visit for bulbs. Unfortunately it just closed. Make a note to visit it next year. Keukenhof is in 2023 open from March 23 till May 14.

Enjoy your garden!

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