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If somebody asks me for my favorite time of the day, it is my “reading hour.” It was always Sunday morning with magazines or books but, since I left my full-time job, it is more times a week a moment to relax.  

To create a reading nook in your own style, find some reading nook ideas about the different items below:


A Reading nook in your own style means that you must know your own style. Is it Retro, Classic, Basic, Scandinavian? Which materials you can use, which colors belong, you can read in these articles: 


My reading nook is not in a special chair but on the sofa. In wintertime in the corner, in summertime (if not outside) on the other site of the sofa, close to the window. I do have an ottoman, (but to be honest, I rarely use it because that means I will fall asleep). Of course, if you like to put your legs a little bit higher it is great to have an ottoman belonging to your sofa or chair. 


The big bookcase is upstairs in my office, but in the corner downstairs, literature I have not read yet, the latest magazines and my most favorite garden-and interior design books. Nothing more pleasant than to have it close. As a result, you will read more because you can see what is attracting you.  


Extra light on darker days, preferably light you can adjust. I am using the Tonone Bolt, in flux green (my color!) mounted on the wall. Available in 10 colors so I am certain there is one suitable for your style.

The Tonone Bolt Wall Side fit is a design by Anton de Groof. The sturdy industrial lamp series BOLT is recognisable by functionality in shape, clean lines, and the iconic leading role of the wingnut. The Bolt series is available in 29 models. The wall lamp is characterised by an adjustable powder-coated steel arm and an open shade made of powder-coated aluminium.  The open shade ensures a nice distribution of light. The solid brass wingnut is included to adjust the hinges as desired. In addition to being a functional aid, the wingnut is integrated into the design of the lamp and is a distinctive visual element of the lamp.

Side table 

Where to put your mug of coffee, cup of tea, water, or wine? I use the tray table Gladom from Ikea.  

side table in reading nook


Because you want to sit comfortably, use cushions and a blanket to make your reading nook something to dive in. 

Finally, use candles, a plant or flowers and art, to make it cozy. As a result, what you never expected, you will long for your reading nook every day. 

Bonus tips 

Grab your book or magazine and enjoy! 






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