Slate style stolen in Cape Town


Sometimes you enter a room with the feeling: Wow, they nailed it! It happened to me a few years ago. I went to South Africa with my daughter; Johannesburg, Soweto, Table Mountain, Boulders Beach with the penguins, a mountain bike wine tour and a safari. We enjoyed a great trip.

Completely my taste

The last few days we were in Cape Town at the POD Hotel in Camps Bay. And there it happened, we stepped into the room –  more of a loft – and I spontaneously got “butterflies in my stomach”. Now you will think, what happened there, did they have the Boulder Bay Penguins walking around on the balcony or did you find a special present? No, those butterflies were caused by the interior. Exactly my taste; simple lines, luxurious materials, a bit chic but feasible and especially the combination of fresh white, warm grey, wood and grey-green slate, I was sold.

If you want a souvenir from your vacation, you can take an object back home or use the inspiration from your trip for your next interior project!

Restroom Make-over, how do you make a restroom look good

Back home I wanted to do something with the inspiration. New floor in the hall? A slate back wall in the kitchen? It took a while but, obvious, the restroom needed a makeover. Armed with a mood board including the photos of that great location in Cape Town, I started shopping.  


Materials create the atmosphere

Slate and white sanitary ware play a central role in the bathroom of the POD hotel, so I started with that. Slate has those characteristic layers, which gives it a natural look. It is a bit rough and that gives a nice tactile feeling to your feet. At Michel Oprey & Beisterveld I found exactly the Jade color I had in mind. Very nice to walk around in their showroom with a clipboard on which you write down your favorite products. 4 different types appealed to me, especially paying attention to the color and structure. Surprising that it turned out at the Information Desk that all 4 come from the same stone quarry. So, I am consistent in my taste. An additional advantage, the price was not too bad. 

White Sanitary is easy to find and comes in all kinds of price ranges. I chose a wall-mounted toilet from Duravit by Starck, a Geberit concealed cistern with a Sigma20 flush plate and a Hi-Mac fountain. For me, white remains top of the range in terms of appearance.

Because an entire grey-green slate toilet seemed a little too dark to me, the side walls are white sanded stucco. If the children had lived at home, I would have preferred white tiles but for my situation this works fine with a washable wall paint.

vandyck towels

Nine accessories for one restroom?

How do you make a restroom look good? The colours, grey-green and white, are a versatile background. At Christmas with beautiful red / white guest towels, sunny yellow in summer but in these photos, we maintain the South African atmosphere. And then, even in such a small space, you still need quite a bit:

  1. a brown vase with some colourful flowers yaya;
  2. The giraffes, a souvenir from Johannesburg, similar on Etsy;
  3. Guest towels from Van Dijck  via de Bijenkorf and Walra
  4. An old mirror (a bit weathered, because otherwise it will all be very neat) have a look at Anthropologie or Ikea
  5. Ikea toilet paper holder and towel hook, no longer available but similar toilet paper holder and hooks can still be found at Ikea for a very small price;
  6. This left money for a robust Vipp toilet brush (very nice: with lid);
  7. On the door Magnetic wallpaper of Kamer26, on which I make a new collage every season (magnetic wallpaper is also very useful for the home office);
  8. I took the photo of the adorable child on a warm day under the fountain years ago, but I thought it would fit well in this atmosphere. You can print on paper and buy a picture frame at Mimeo. This photo is printed on aluminum, because it is easy to keep clean, at Albelli.
  9. Adding a nice scent is the last step. Charlotte Rhys products for bath and body are regularly found in hotels in Africa. Not all products are available abroad but definitely worth a try. An alternative, and also very good Rituals. 

After all

So, after all, the stolen style from Cape Town became a lovely restroom in the Netherlands. (thank you POD Hotel!). how do you make a restroom look good?

More about South Africa here

Summer Style

how do you make a restroom look good
Van Dijck, yellow guest towels in summer.



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